Andreas Software
Free programs for Windows by Andreas Jönsson


Here are my programs. All programs are free and are supported by Windows 7 (SP1+), 8.1 and 10. (Also Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2016.) Freeware. Most of my programs are fully portable. See Portability.TXT.

The programs are delivered in a compressed Zip file that can be unpacked with a standard Zip unpacker. No installations are needed for the programs - they are ready-to-run.

No help files exists for the programs, this website is the program's documentation.

> Download all the programs (Zip, 35.83 MB)

Revision Date: 2021-09-24.
License: Freeware.
Unicode Support: Yes.
Program Type: Mixed portability levels, x64.
Operating System(s): Windows 7 (SP1+), 8.1 and 10. (Also Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2016.)
Language(s): Most of the programs has support for both English and Swedish.

Also take a look on the page Extras for information about more programs not listed here.

I have also made a series of command line programs for encryption of files that have their own pages. See AS-ARC5, AS-ARC6, AS-ISAAC64, AS-LEA and AS-Rabbit. You can also download all in one Zip file, Console_Crypto.ZIP.

Are you looking for AS-VidNails? That program has got its own page, AS-VidNails.