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Frequently asked questions are answered here.

How are your programs licensed?

All programs on this website are licensed as freeware without restrictions, which means that they are free to download and use without any functional or time limitations, both for private and commercial use. The programs may be distributed/shared freely. The program AS-File Transfer and its variants are also licensed as Indy Modified BSD License. These programs are built with Indy - Internet Direct.

Why does it say "Publisher: Unknown" when I try to run your programs?

For financial reasons, I do not sign my programs. But I can guarantee you that I have not put in any malicious code in my programs. A person with the right knowledge can examine the programs and see exactly what they do, this is something that is done daily by the major manufacturers of antivirus programs and security companies that are actively looking for malicious code.

My antivirus program advises me against running one of your programs. What should I do?

If you feel unsure, submit the program for review to make sure that the program is clean. Then experts review the program and can see exactly what it does and decide if the program is clean or not. However, this may take some time, you will be notified of the test result when it is ready. You can also choose to run the program anyway.

How do I install any of your programs?

My programs are basically just to unpack to any folder and run. If you want shortcuts in the Start menu or on the desktop, you have to create them manually. Since most of my programs are portable, which means that they are storing settings in the same folder as the program file, you should not put any of my programs under the usual "Program Files" folder because then they are not able to write to the folder. You can e.g. create a new folder in the root of your system disk and give it the name "Andreas Software" and put all files there. Tip! You can also use my program AS-Downloader 1.10.

How do I create a shortcut to a program in Startup?

Some programs are suitable to create a shortcut to in Startup which makes them start automatically when you login to Windows. To create a shortcut to a program in Startup you open the box Run (e.g. by pressing [WIN+R] on the keyboard) and type "shell:Startup" (for you only) or "shell:Common Startup" (for all users) and press OK. In the folder which opens you can now create a shortcut to the program (the EXE file) in the usual way. (This won't work for programs that requires administrative rights. In these cases you can use the "Task Scheduler" in Windows.)

How do I add a parameter to a program?

To add a parameter to a program you can open the box Run (e.g. by pressing [WIN+R] on the keyboard) and choose the program file and then add a space after the path to the program file and then add the parameter. Additional parameters are added in the same way (a space and the parameter). If a parameter contains spaces it has to begin and end with a double quotation mark. If you want to rationalize, you can use double quotation marks in either case, that will also work (in most cases). You can also create shortcuts with preset parameters, then create the shortcut to the program file as usual, then open Properties for the shortcut and add the parameter in the same way in the field Target.

Can I force a program to be shown in English or Swedish?

Yes. The programs automatically tries to detect which language to be used. If you want to choose which language to be used you can use the parameters "/English" and "/Swedish".

The documentation of a program on the website describes something that I can not find in the program. What's wrong?

Download the program again, to get the latest revision of the program. I do not change the version number for minor changes in the programs, then I change the revision date instead.

I see that the revision date changes quite often and that all programs have the same revision date. How do your revision dates work?

All programs have the same revision date. This is because I always rebuild all programs when I have made changes, it can be changes in the code base that affect several or all programs, it can also be other changes that affect one or more programs. That the revision date has changed does not necessarily mean that a specific program has changed, but since it only takes approximately ten minutes for my computer to rebuild all programs and upload them to the server, I use this principle. If I have made changes worth mentioning, I usually write about these on the page News. If you want to programmatically check the latest revision date, you can read the file LM.TXT.

What does "Recursive" mean? (AS-Auto Replace, AS-Change Case, AS-File Date, AS-File Table)

Recursive is an option that indicates whether the program should search also in subfolders to the selected folder.

What does "Filter" mean? (AS-Auto Replace, AS-CopyJob, AS-File Renamer, AS-File Table)

Filter is a criterion for inclusion of files. Enter "*.TXT" to include all TXT files. Do you want to include all files, enter "*". (Without double quotation marks.)

What does "Case sensitive" mean? (AS-Auto Replace)

Case sensitive is an option that indicates whether the program should make any difference in uppercase and lowercase letters.

Under what circumstances, files can be skipped? (AS-Auto Replace)

This applies to the Auto mode in AS-Auto Replace. If a file has an encoding mode (which the program can identify) that is not supported, the program will skip this file. This is done to avoid damage to the file's contents.

Isn't XXTEA vulnerable? (AS-QuadXXTEA, AS-QuadXXTEA Text)

That vulnerability applies to the version with 6 rounds. The vulnerability can be fixed by increasing the number of rounds to 8 rounds. My XXTEA programs do not allow less than 8 rounds. The user can choose between 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 rounds, using a parameter.

What is the INI/PREF/BIN file?

Some of the programs are storing settings in this file, with the filename "ProgramName.INI", "ProgramName.PREF" or "ProgramName.BIN". This file can be deleted if you want to reset the program's settings.

Do you have a sitemap for this website?

Yes, but it's just a list of URLs. All URLs that go to a web page (and which also leads you further on the website) can be found in the file Sitemap.TXT.

I am running a 32-bit system, is it possible to download the programs in 32-bit variants?

Yes, EXE-X86.ZIP. This file is being kept up to date. For those programs that perform a lot of computational operations on 64-bit numbers, you can expect poorer performance. All speed references listed on the website apply to the 64-bit programs.

I am running Windows XP, do you have any programs for me?

Yes. Go to Legacy.

Other questions? Contact me.