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News about the programs and the website.


The program AS-Gradient is now released in version 1.60. The program now draws the images even faster and I have also improved the error handling.


The program AS-Overwrite Free Space has been improved. When all free space has been overwritten successfully, the program now writes a log file in the root of the chosen device.


The program AS-Overwrite Free Space has been improved. The program now also shows speed and remaining time.


The program AS-Overwrite Free Space is released in version 1.0.


I have moved eight programs and their documentation from Programs to Extras. I have also made the documentation on the website available in a download on the page Programs.


The program AS-Text Crypt has been improved. The program now have two new features to clean and split the text.


The program AS-Random Numbers have now got its own page on the page Programs.


I have documented a new function in AS-Auto Replace which lets the program work with a text list.


I have upgraded to Windows 11 and taken new screenshots of all the programs.


The program AS-File Crypt has been improved. The program now also displays the number of Bytes that has been processed. I have also fixed a minor bug that appeared when decrypting and getting a CRC error, e.g. if you used the wrong password.


The programs AS-CRC32 and AS-CRC64 has been improved. The programs now confirms the result with a message box when writing and reading signature files.


The program AS-CopyJob has been improved. Now there are also the buffer sizes 16 MB, 32 MB and 64 MB. If you have very fast storage devices, you can benefit from increasing the buffer size in terms of performance. Increasing the buffer size also helps reduce the CPU usage.


I have clarified how the Auto mode works and documented four parameters in the program AS-Auto Replace.


The program AS-Auto Replace has been improved. If you select one of the UTF-16/LE or UTF-8 modes, the program will only write a BOM mark if the file had a BOM mark from the beginning.


I have fixed a DPI scaling bug in the programs AS-Auto Replace and AS-Text Crypt.


The program AS-CopyJob has been improved. You can now press [F12] to specify a custom filter that applies to the "+ Folder" button.


I have cleaned up this news page, but I have kept important information that affect all the programs or the website.


All programs are now DPI Aware.


All programs now have the same name, regardless of language.


All programs are now built for X64.


All programs now uses Unicode encoding for strings.


All programs are now portable.


This English language website is launched. All of my Swedish programs are now translated to English.