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AS-Random Numbers 1.20 - Generate random numbers with ISAAC.

AS-Random Numbers 1.20
Screenshot of AS-Random Numbers 1.20

A program to securely generate a list of random numbers, with the algorithm ISAAC. Just specify how many numbers to be selected and specify lowest and highest number. The program makes sure that all generated numbers are unique, which means they will only appear once in a generated list. You can generate up to 10,000 numbers from 0 to 999,999.


> Download AS-Random Numbers 1.20 (7Z file, 0.92 MB)

Revision Date: 2024-06-12.
License: Freeware.
Unicode Support: Yes.
DPI Aware: Per-Monitor (V2).
Program Type: Fully portable, X64.
Operating System(s): Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11. (Also the Server versions.)
Language(s): English and Swedish.

This is the program's official website - download the program here to get the latest version/revision. The program is free.