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AS-Analog Clock 1.30 - An analog clock on your desktop.

AS-Analog Clock 1.30
Screenshot of AS-Analog Clock 1.30

An analog clock for your desktop. Right-click on the board to select settings. You can choose size, opacity and color scheme and you can also select the clock to be always on top. The clock remembers all settings until the next time it's launched which also includes the position on the screen. The clock can be painted in four different resolutions from 256 × 256 pixels to 640 × 640 pixels and the graphics are drawn with smooth edges.


> Download AS-Analog Clock 1.30 (Zip, 23 kB)

Revision Date: 2022-05-20.
License: Freeware.
Unicode Support: Yes.
Program Type: Fully portable, x64.
Operating System(s): Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11. (Also the Server versions.)
Language(s): English and Swedish.

This is the program's official website - download the program here to get the latest version/revision. The program is free.