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AS-SaveScreen 1.20 - Save screenshots with a quick keyboard shortcut.

AS-SaveScreen 1.20
Screenshot of AS-SaveScreen 1.20

If you add a shortcut to this program in Startup, you can always save screenshots with simple keyboard shortcuts. The command [CTRL+ALT+F8] saves the entire screen, and [CTRL+SHIFT+F8] saves the current window. The files becomes in PNG or BMP format and the filenames are based on date and time.


  • The PNG format does not destroy any image information, yet the files becomes relatively small.
  • The program is located next to the clock and a balloon tip will appear at the icon when a screenshot is taken.

» Download AS-SaveScreen 1.20 (Zip ~ 237 KB)

Revision Date: 2015-06-01.
License: Freeware.
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1. (More?)

This is the program's official page - download the program here to be sure that you always get the latest version! The program is free!

Information regarding round corners and shadows

This program is most suitable when Windows theme is running in classic style. If you want to capture transparency, round corners and shadows perfectly I would recommend the program Window Clippings instead, you can find it on the page Links.

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