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Free programs for Windows by Andreas Jönsson


AS-File Crypt 5.0 - Encrypt files with Salsa20 or ChaCha20.

AS-File Crypt 5.0
Screenshot of AS-File Crypt 5.0

Encryption program for files that uses Salsa20 or ChaCha20 with a 256-bit key. The program creates an encrypted (password protected) copy of any file and the program can later be used to decrypt (restore) the original file.


  • The program can integrate with Windows which means that you can right-click on a file and choose "AS-File Crypt" in the menu. (The integration feature is activated from the File menu. This is a non-portable feature.)
  • The speed is measured during each encryption / decryption operation and the program will display the results for you when it's done.
  • This encryption program makes use of a key strengthening algorithm which delays the final encryption key for a few seconds, this increases the security.
  • You don't need to enter password and nonce twice, instead you can press [F12] if you want to show or hide password and nonce.
  • The program stores an encrypted checksum of the original file, which is verified at decryption.

> Download AS-File Crypt 5.0 (Zip ~ 383 kB)

Revision Date: See file date.
License: Freeware.
Operating System(s): Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. (Also the Server versions.)
Additional System Requirement(s): None.
Language(s): English and Swedish.

This is the program's official website - download the program here to get the latest version/revision. The program is free.

Important information

Save the downloaded program if you have information encrypted with it. I do not guarantee compatibility between different versions/revisions of the program.

Information regarding the integration feature

If you have User Account Control (UAC) activated you have to run AS-File Crypt as Administrator in order to add/update or remove the integration feature. This can be done by right-clicking on the EXE file.


My implementations of Salsa20 and ChaCha20 used in this program are quite slow. If you are looking for higher-speed encryption (e.g., if you want to encrypt large files) I would recommend my other programs AS-AESCTR or AS-SpeckCTR instead, these programs can be found on the page Extras. The AS-AESCTR and AS-SpeckCTR programs are command line programs.

For text?

Check out AS-Text Crypt.

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